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Learn all about pilot training, medical, ground classes, career, and requirements to work as an airline pilot in India.

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How to Become a Pilot Workshop

Whether you wish to fly for your own pleasure or have a great career in an airline, we can help you realize your dream through the workshop by Golden Epaulettes Aviation.

Before 2010, there was a lack of guidance and experts to help us navigate pilot training and the path to becoming a commercial pilot. We were bombarded with hearsay, misinformation, and general confusion.However, things have changed, and now we have access to various platforms and resources that provide accurate information about pilot training in India.

If you want to be a pilot in India, we suggest you attend our workshop. After the workshop, you'll know the best way to get your commercial pilot license quickly and easily. We know there's a lot of wrong information about pilot training, and we want to help you avoid it.

This workshop by Golden Epaulettes Aviation aims to provide you with the right knowledge and guidance to pursue your dream of becoming a pilot.

Benefits of Joining Workshop

A-320 Simulator Observatory Sessions

How to become a Pilot Workshop Certification

Free Doubt Clearing Sessions

Free Assistance for Computer Number

Free Parents Counselling Sessions

A-320 Simulator Training

Dream of taking flight as a pilot? Discover the path to your wings at Golden Epaulettes Aviation Workshop.

Enroll at Golden Epaulettes Aviation for an unparalleled aviation experience. Our premier offering includes Airbus A320 Flight Simulator Training, a program designed to elevate your aviation skills to new heights. With a Airbus A320 Fixed Base Flight Simulator, you'll enjoy an immersive and realistic training environment.
Key features of our simulator include -

Full flight deck replica, Fully enclosed design

Flight management system and full AP, FD, A/THR

220 x 40 Field-of-view visual system

FMS navigation world database

Full air-conditioned flight deck

Advanced Intercom and PA system

Advanced Vibration System for Realistic feel of Takeoff, Landing, Turbulence, Flap and Gear movements, Runway Bumps.

Wind Shear and TCAS RA Simulation.

Hi Def View from Side windows for Visual App.

Join us at Golden Epaulettes Aviation and take the first step towards a successful aviation career.

Top Recruiting Companies of Pilot

How to Become a Pilot

30th September, 2023
04:00 PM

Only 80/100 Seats Available

How to Become a Pilot After 12th?

Dream of taking flight as a pilot? Discover the path to your wings at Golden Epaulettes Aviation Workshop. Learn how to become a pilot, from the essential flight training requirements to eligibility criteria. Our seasoned instructors and cutting-edge facilities ensure you're well-prepared for this thrilling journey. Enroll today for detailed information and take the first step towards your pilot's license.

Join our community to learn from aviation experts, network with professionals, and access job opportunities. We also provide resources and support for students and aspiring pilots. To learn more about Golden Epaulettes Aviation courses, please fill out the form below.

Enroll in a course at Golden Epaulettes Aviation and join a community of 10,000+ students.


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